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After a loss, has your self-esteem changed?

  One of my losses caused significant soul-searching as I considered how a good friend could die, and I didn’t find out about his passing until nine months after his death. What kind of friend had I been? Was I […]

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Aging brings great losses. Is there value in suffering?

As is the situation for most readers over age 50, I have lost many significant persons in my life. I have lived through much suffering. After each loss, I grieved privately, rarely reaching out to others when I could have used […]

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Why quitting is one powerful response to losses in life.

I stood before an eclectic gathering of dinner guests, questions unanswered. This much they knew: the ambiance was festive, the barbecue fare tasted scrumptious, the Chardonnay continued to pour, and plentiful desserts awaited. But nobody could answer two lingering questions: […]

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What Vincent Can Teach Us about Loss And Resilience

Waking from a fitful dream, he struggled out of bed and stumbled to a barred window. From this perspective in the asylum, he beheld a clear night, a large morning star enchanting him. The sight of stars always inspired him. […]

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How a twelve-year-old ventriloquist gave hope to a dying man

This is a true story about how 12-year-old Darci Lynne Farmer gave my brilliant next-door neighbor hope for a future he would not live to see. A sparkling YouTube video of the Oklahoma City ventriloquist’s audition for America’s Got Talent […]

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How small are we?

I enjoy thinking about cosmological concepts, the vastness of outer space and our relative insignificance within the unfathomable expanse of the universe and infinite time. This thought process might seem odd, but somehow, sometimes, my thoughts about the human condition […]

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Top 5 Regrets of Dying Persons

An Australian woman invested many years working as a palliative care and hospice nurse. This angel of mercy, as are so many in her profession, cared for patients during the last twelve weeks of their lives. Bronnie Ware¬†became interested in […]

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